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The Crooked Cauldron


This board has many different forums, including a wide selection of 101’s for newbies, and more specific religious focii for those with more experience or particular interests.

It’s been languishing for over a year, from once being quite lively. I’d like to see it get some new blood. There’s a ton of information stashed away there.

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Made some shiny new bingo sheets for asksecularwitch!

I hope I didn’t boff it up.

I ‘liked’ this ages ago and then lost it in the giant pile of Like=Take Note of This Post for Whatever Reasons.

Well, I’ve got a bookshelf of books, let’s see what happens.

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Lughnasadh, August 2014.

Ugh so lovely.

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kaynarune: This is so upsetting to me. I’m kind of flabbergasted.

It’s like…. it makes me angry, but not as angry as I could be potentially because I’m just so dumbfounded by the whole thing.

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I have already written 1000 words of this review and I have only just started chapter 2. SOmeone save me

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The Path Less Traveled by jjpeabody

Hey it’s like my spirituality visual metaphor!


The Path Less Traveled by jjpeabody

Hey it’s like my spirituality visual metaphor!

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Does anyone have any pro-tips on how to clear your mind while meditating?

I know meditation is SUPPOSED to do that, but my brain is so hyperactive sometimes that I can hardly sit still—my brain just wants to think ALL THE THINGS.

Any advice would be sincerely appreciated!

I can’t actually meditate because my mind doesn’t stfu. My mind is always, always running. In order to fall asleep at night, I have to tell myself a story so that my mind will shut up enough to fall asleep. It’s fucking ridiculous.

So, I usually do repetitive type actions when I want to “meditate.” The repetitive action is enough for my thoughts to shut down enough to have a semi-meditative experience.

I have this same problem.  I usually use a mantra, something to chant and repeat over and over.  I try to picture the words, or images associated with the words, while I repeat them.  After a while I start repeating them without needing to think about it, and I can listen to myself like I’m a recording… that’s usually when I feel I’m in the right spot, or the closest to the ‘right spot’ that I get.

Keep in mind too that there are other forms of meditation that don’t necessarily involve having to sit quietly. There are some that involve walking, or dance, or other movements, etc…, so unless you are trying to do something that requires a specific form, one of the others might be a better choice. 

I have a very noisy mind too. I nearly always have a song in my head, and I daydream all the time. I’ve found it’s easier to focus on something than to try to think of nothing at all. Counting breaths or guided meditations have been good for me.

My big tip is to not let stray thoughts worry you. It’s easy to notice you’re thinking and get angry with yourself, and stress yourself out about it. Think of these thoughts more like clouds crossing the sky. Acknowledge that your mind has wandered, and bring it back to what you’re focussed on without admonishing yourself.

And your mind will be naturally cluttered when you start or if you haven’t been meditating regularly. So don’t feel badly or get annoyed. I’ll clear out in time, with practise.

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Past time I performed the First Rite of Spring! By “past time” I mean it was literally 22 hours ago but I had my super-late Thorrablót last night, can’t do everything at once.

For those wondering, I get my witchy sabbat calendar dates from here.

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In the Norse/Teutonic systems… the base level is labelled Green, with the additional “higher” levels of Red and unified Blue and White becoming the primary focus of worship and practise. The identity and function of the deities occupying these various levels, however, gives evidence to their actual origins and purpose. Green belongs to the Lord and the Lady (Frey and Freya, literally translated), with the Lord representing abundance and fertility and the Lady peace and love as well as vast powers of magic.
Ann Moura, confusing us all because what? Like…. what?
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Haha I’m skimming back through Green Witchcraft to write a review and I came upon that part where she describes Freya as representing peace and OH LAWD.


 I just…that doesn’t make any sense.

Man, this woman is encased in her own world, I swear. Idek.

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