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TIL that the Avengers movies turned Laufey into a dude and I just

2 days ago
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Raven Amongst the Stars’.

This was my birthday present to myself, this year. I can never have enough ravens, and going through my collection this summer I realized I didn’t really have anything that’s this sort of black-blue-iridescent anymore. It’s sparkly and shiny in a subtle way.

This set is made of 4mm blue goldstone, and some neat little Miyuki long drop beads in ‘blue iris’. The clusters came out pretty much as I imagined them, so I’m happy. There is a matching anklet and bracelet, which isn’t pictured here, but is exactly the same as the necklace, without silver or charms.


1 day ago
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Shocker: There Is No Universal Threefold Law in Wicca


Worth reading.

(via theinformedpagan)

2 days ago
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OK, here’s a theory.

You know how there’s the popular idea that Hlin is another name for Frigg because in Voluspa it speaks of “Hlin’s second sorrow” when Odin dies? I was thinking, maybe it’s Hlin’s sorrow because as a defender of things Frigg holds dear, She couldn’t protect Him - as She couldn’t protect Baldr.

*muses to self*

3 days ago
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